Autumnal Pop of Coral

Okay truth be told, Autumn in London is basically like Winter. We can go from 27 degrees Celsius to an icy 13 degrees in a day. But! That doesn’t mean that we can’t sometimes sport a little bit of colour here and there during these cold months! (Even though there are a ton of dark, charcoal grey and deep emerald coloured sweaters out there, that we’re dying to wearrr! But lets save that for a later post.)

While Autumn is still one of my favourite seasons, as I love being able to bury myself in a load of cozy, warm knitwear… I actually suck at dealing with the cold. Not the sweater-weather type of cold that we all like… but the cold that literally makes you feel as if you’re about to turn into an ice cube. A lightweight jumper with a pop of colour is a great way to ease your wardrobe from warm to colder weather. Below, I show you my Autumn outfit concoction that features a coral cropped jumper, navy trousers and a good ol’ pair of Adidas Gazelle trainers (which I finally got my hands on!) Don’t be fooled. It was freezing that day so I popped on a lined denim jacket that helped me combat the cold!


Jumper: Bershka

Trousers: New Look

Shoes: Adidas


Jacket: New Look


This cropped jumper is the perfect fit and it comes in such a stunning coral colour. It is very comfortable to wear on its own, but it is also a perfect base for layering… especially once sweater weather is in full force next month! The navy trousers instantly helps you to look chic and put together; even if you actually spent 2 minutes picking out your outfit and rushed out the door (usually my case every morning)… no one will ever know! While popping on a pair of your favourite trainers will always add that extra comfort to your outfit and give your look a cool, urban vibe.

Finally, you must never ever ever forget to carry a jacket with you, no matter what the weather forecast says. Trust me… you’ll need it. That and a chunky scarf. And maybe add a beanie too. Just in case. (Kae Vs. The Cold)

A lined denim jacket is an ongoing trend and I have fallen into it. Denim jackets alone are great to finish off a look, but for the colder months… those lined denim jackets come in super handy.

Okay, enough from me… Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


“Shout as loud as you can. Some people will still not hear you. Love as hard as you can. some people will still not feel you. Help as much as you can. Some people will still not appreciate you. Smile as wide as you can. Some people will still not see you… You must accept that you being a good person is not a good enough reason for people not to hurt you.”- Najwa Zebian


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