Emerald & Copper Tones

The legendary mom jean strikes again! This outfit has got to be one of my favourite Autumnal looks feautured on the blog so far! (I’m sure it wont be the last). The combination of the mom jean and the emerald turtleneck has Fall written all over it… and I love it. Not only do I think these pieces are a great concoction… but these pieces put together are very comfortable to wear! You’re both kept warm and lookin’ stylish. What’s not to love?


Turtlenecks are by far one of my favourite types of knitwear! This one in particular is just the right amount of baggy. It is loose enough to keep you nice and cozy, but also fitted enough to compliment your body. The emerald shade however, is what won me over. I think anything emerald is perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons. It is such an elegant, rich colour that when you wear it, your outfit will be transformed from 0 to 100 (real quick. lol)


Next up we have the mom jean. These mom jeans are no stranger to you. They have been featured on the blog before and they’ll continue to be featured again! (So I hope you don’t get bored of them). These are my first pair of mom jeans so I still have a lot of other types to try out, but for now, these are the perfect fit. I like to roll them up at the ankle (cause let’s be honest… I am not the tallest) but pairing them with a pair of white trainers or black heeled booties, like I have done here, are a great match. I also wore a belt to add some extra texture to the look.

(Side note: Speaking of height, wearing heeled booties with mom jeans plus the different shades of blue that run vertically on this pair, helps to elongate the legs!)

The booties im rocking are a few years old, but I only really bust them out once in a while! I even got them in a brown because I admit, I can be an impulsive buyer sometimes. Just sometimes. But they are actually comfortable to wear! I wore them the whole day, out and about the city and they did me good.


Onto the bag! This bag is literally the perfect size. It is small enough to be all cute and fancy… but it actually fits a lot! I managed to fit all of my essentials, including my Canon camera! This bag perfectly completed the look and the tan colour is suitable for any season. This is an all year round piece that is very practical too… (Secretly hoping that my sister… a.k.a… the owner of the bag, one day, miraculously decides to donate this bag to me. #WishfulThinking #SharingIsCaring)


Turtleneck: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Belt: H&M

Booties: (you guessed it!) H&M

Bag: Coach


Earrings: Topshop

Ring: Pandora

I am no hair master… trust me! But hooking your hair up with some little side twists or braids and popping it into a low bun is a great way to spice up your look.


Welcome to Regent Street, London. Where you get a real, exciting and raw taste of the city life!


Special guest: my partner in crime!

We ventured off to Soho with a mission… to get our hands on the one and only Yolkin! I must say… a macaron ice cream sandwich really is a match made in heaven. *drools*


Go pay them a visit! They’re located in Soho London right now, but their locations may vary. Follow them on instagram (@yolkinmacice) for updates on their weekend menu and locations… (tell them I sent youuu!)


This post has left me very happy and content. (It maaay have been the macaron ice cream sandwich) But I hope it does the same to you! Wishing you guys a very, very happy Tuesday!

See you next time!


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”- Arthur Ashe


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